MK Test works with every customer to improve their efficiency, reducing waste and ensuring components and assemblies are delivered right first time. This minimises reworking and helps ensure absolute reliability, to the benefit of the environment.

Internally, MK Test has responsible procurement and production attitude throughout the organisation. All electrical equipment including printed circuit boards used in MK Test components are RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant. The company actively manages and minimises the wastage of all materials including electrical cabling.

Our Responsibilities

As a company that is relied upon every day for keeping aircrafts in the sky, and trains running on time, MK Test has a responsibility to get it right first time.

MK Test takes a partnership approach to its relationship with customers, aiming to work with every one of them on a permanent basis. This starts with seeking to understand a customer’s needs, then working with them to help improve the efficiency of their testing within the production process.

MK Test works with highly costly, commercially sensitive equipment, some of which has implications regarding national security. Our approach is to apply the same standards of diligent care, no matter how large or small the project.

As a company that deals at the highest level with highly sensitive and costly equipment, and working with peer organisations in key business sectors, MK Tests treats all sensitive business information in complete confidence.

As a business, MK Test aims to ensure its team operates safely both at the company’s premises, and when on customer sites. Naturally, all MK Test equipment is thoroughly tested for safety, before being dispatched to customers.

MK Test aims to treat all employees with dignity, fairness and respect. As a frequent provider to major global companies, MK Test adheres to the standards of those companies with regards to equal opportunities, diversity and treating staff fairly.