How We Help You

As an MK Test customer, you have our support all the way through.

We look to partner with every customer, delivering a testing solution that will help improve your efficiency by enabling you to test your output quickly; identify any defects; and provide you with a traceable quality assurance record that everything you deliver is to specification and in full working order.


MK Test is still discovering the wide range of industries and sectors where our testing equipment can make a difference. If you have electrical wiring or equipment that needs checking or testing, ask us – we’re sure to be able to build an application for you.


We help tailor our testing software, and our modular equipment, to suit your exact needs. The software will interface with your systems, to upload programmes and report test results, which can be stored for full traceability. Our Special Projects Division creates all the supporting infrastructure you need, such as testing jigs.


MK Test software requires minimal training, and even those creating test programmes do not need specialist computer coding knowledge. We provide customers with operator training, to ensure they will use equipment efficiently and correctly. Training is offered around the globe, in local languages as required.


Customers tell us our instruction manuals are clear, helpful and easy to use.

Telephone support

The MK Test team is on hand to provide customer support, both from the UK head office, and from our network of highly trained local representatives around the globe. Each of these has high levels of product knowledge, enabling them to provide product support and local staff training if required.

After Sales

For guidance on how to use MK Test equipment efficiently, our teams are always available. For larger deployments, we can advise on the most efficient way to design testing into production line processes.


MK Test equipment is highly reliable and largely maintenance free. If checking, upgrades or repairs are necessary, MK Test will return equipment to base for the work required, returning it promptly to the customer’s premises.