Testing at Sea


Thales Underwater Systems division use the an MK Test portable unit to test systems that undergo maintenance offshore, on board Navy vessels.

The programmes for each system that requires testing are loaded onto the computer at the factory, then the complete system is delivered to the ship/vessel ready for use. When required, the system then performs continuity , short circuit and high voltage testing of the harnesses that have been inspected or repaired.

The operator is guided through the test sequence by on screen pictorial prompts, eliminating the need for operator training. The test results are delivered on screen in easily understood language. The results are then logged in the computer memory and can be transferred to server or printed out at any time in the future.

The flexibility and ease of use make the MK system the ideal solution for this tough environment.

System Specification

4 wire Measurement continuity measurement up to 1000mA
1500V DC High voltage insulation Test capability
1000V AC Hi-Pot test capability
Built into rugged Portable suitcase, complete with PC and interface cables.