SAAB aircraft production


Swedish aircraft manufacturer SAAB had been using a competitor’s equipment for testing electrical systems on its miliatary aircraft production, for 20 years. But a lack of the ability to continue to upgrade the system, and failing support, led to them asking MK Test to propose an alternative. A demonstration of the MK Test equipment proved conclusive, and SAAB now uses MK Test to test the wiring on all its aircraft production, including the Gripen fighter.

System Specification

Test system is a Distributed System.
2 & 4 Wire continuity resistance
1500VDC Insulation/Dielectric Test
115V 400Hz, 28VDC, 20V 20MHz
Full Function Test (EEM). The system is able to distribute actuation signals to the active components in the aircraft, replicating aircraft operating power supplies.

Automatic Programme generation – from TDET database