Agusta Westland EH101 helicopter


MK Test was asked to provide system testing for production of the Agusta Westland EH101 helicopter.

One of the largest test systems of its type ever built in the UK, the system has over 20,000 test points is a “distributed” system . Separate racks of test points are distributed around the aircraft as required to suit the complex EH101 electrical connection locations, and linked back to a prime control console. Key to the implementation was Automatic Programme Generation, which sees the MK system capture wiring and system component information from the Westland Helicopter database and automatically create test programmes for the complete aircraft, a facility that represents dramatic leaps forward in the aerospace industry and automatic testing technology, and supplies the rapid capital recovery that justifies project spends of this magnitude.

MK supplied not only the test system but also the complete interfacing solution that allows rapid , efficient and reliable connection between the test system and the aircraft itself. After nine years in service, the initial system is now being upgraded and expanded.

System Specification

2 wire Measurement continuity measurement up to 1000mA
1000V DC High voltage insulation Test capability
500V AC Hi-Pot test capability
Remote Control Probe unit
Full Function Test Capability and stimulus delivery to active components (EEM)
Distributed System
Full interface cabling assembly.