Harness testing


TT Electronics division, AB Connectors and Abtest have increased their testing capability extensively over recent years. Since being awarded the FEPDS by Vickers and the MOD, AB have been dedicated MK Test System users.

The units to be tested range from wiring harnesses through to complex panels populated with relays, transformers, variable resistors , indicator lights, switches etc that must all be function tested during electrical testing of the complete system.

AB have recently purchased their eighth MK system in their ongoing effort to offer a rapid and accurate turnaround to customers with small batch harness and panel requirement, this is testimony to the flexibility and ease of programming of the MK system.

The typical AB Test Systems Specification

4 wire Measurement continuity measurement up to 1000mA
1500V DC High voltage insulation Test capability
1000V AC Hi-Pot test capability
Full Function Test Capability and stimulus delivery to active components (EEM)
28V DC and 115V AC internal stimulus supplies

Full interface cabling assembly and safety housing. (for panel test)
Harness build and test interface boards. (for harness test)