Cassidian final assembly, A350


The A350 is part of a new generation of more fuel efficient commercial aircraft now taking to the skies. These aircraft use composite materials including polymers, plastics and carbon fibre to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency.

With the move away from metals and more well understood materials come a number of production challenges. Among these is the need to ensure good earthing (grounding) of components, to enable the aircraft to withstand extreme events such as lightning strikes.

Cassidian selected MK Test to provide testing equipment across the final assembly line of the A350, with four systems provided initially. MK’s Special Projects Division delivered custom format boxes containing the test equipment, to meet the specific production line requirements of the A350 factory. This allows satellite testing units to be carried inside the aircraft body, for specific tests to be carried out in situ.

System Specification

Test system is a Distributed System.
Compact SM Switching Matrix – compact and lightweight
Active and Dummy LRU format modules
2 Wire continuity resistance / 1500VDC Insulation
Remote control and data access via ESAO
Active XRef – Intelligent Interface Management System
Automatic Programme generation – from ESAO