Alstom train production, India


Alstom required support for testing of its local train carriage production in India. The country has a very large railway system and Alstom is involved with a number of projects in the country including the Chennai and Bangalore Metros, as well as regional railway upgrades. In all, Alstom has around 9,000 staff working on rail projects in the country.

Having successfully deployed MK Test equipment in the UK, Alstom approached the company to see if it could supply the Indian operation. Alongside supply of suitably specified equipment, a major issue was that of support. With MK Test’s local representatives all fully trained and qualified to provide after sales support, the company was able to provide the reassurance needed. MK Test’s local agents remain on hand to support customers in the integration of equipment and its operation, as well as providing training for operators, in local languages if required.

System Specification

Test system is a Distributed System.
2 & 4 Wire continuity resistance
500 – 2000VDC Insulation/Dielectric Test
1500VAC Hi-Pot Test
Full Function Test (EEM). The system is able to distribute actuation signals to the active components in the carriage, replicating vehicle operating power supplies.
Automatic Programme generation – from Excel database