Airbus single aisle fuselage


The production of large quantities of single aisle fuselages meant Airbus was looking for a highly efficient, production line oriented testing regime to ensure it could quickly test commercial aircraft bodies during construction.

The solution was developed by MK Test’s Special Projects Division, who created a special trolley to carry testing equipment, with built in racks. Specially mounted LED lights guide operators to the correct connectors to link, reducing hook up time before the test programme can be implemented.

System Specification

Test system is a Distributed System.
Pre Equipped Structure Trolley System.
2 & 4 Wire continuity resistance / 1500VDC Insulation/Dielectric Test
10A Automatic Bond Test
Full Function Test via EEM. The system is able to distribute actuation signals to the active components in the aircraft, replicating aircraft operating power supplies.
Active XRef – Intelligent Interface Management System
LED control of Adaptor cable location
Automatic Programme generation – from Asterics database

BLTU – Automatic Bond & Loop test