Airbus narrow body aircraft wings


Airbus first started using MK Test equipment for function testing of the wiring to flght surfaces on wings. To this was added function and stress testing of the fuel supply system for civilian aircraft, checking wiring and the fuel quantity indicators that are heavily relied on during many hundreds of commercial aircraft flights, every day.

Subsequently, Airbus has added lightning protection testing to the progamme.

System Specification

Test system is a Distributed System.
2 & 4 Wire continuity resistance
1500VDC Insulation/Dielectric Test
115V 400Hz, 28VDC, 20V 20MHz
Full Function Test (EEM). The system is able to distribute actuation signals to the active components in the aircraft, replicating aircraft operating power supplies.
FQI System Test * new feature

Automatic Programme generation – from BCAWD/SAP database