Airbus A380 wings


On a modern aircraft, the wing is one of the most complex parts, containing as it does the many control surfaces needed to allow the pilot to manoeuvre the aircraft once in the air.

Airbus ordered one MK Test unit initially, using it to replace a testing regime that had previously been set up manually. MK Test’s ability to automatically generate the test programme was immediately appreciated, in the time saved on setting up tests. Further machines were ordered, to assist in ramping up production of the wings at the Airbus group’s UK production facility. MK Test was able to meet a four week lead time from order to delivery, to ensure that A380 production remained on schedule.

This was one of the first large scale systems supplied to Airbus; the group now uses MK Test equipment extensively, across its civilian and military aircraft production programmes.

System Specification

Test system is a Distributed System.
2 & 4 Wire continuity resistance
1500VDC Insulation/Dielectric Test
1000VAC Hi-Pot Test
Full Function Test (EEM). The system is able to distribute actuation signals to the active components in the aircraft, replicating aircraft operating power supplies.

Automatic Programme generation – from BCAWD database

BLTU – Automatic Bond & Loop test