Lufthansa engines


Lufthansa Technik chose the MK automatic test system to enable the complete electrical system testing of a range of aircraft engines passing through their MRO facilities worldwide. The test systems’ ability to hold programmes for, and test a full range of engines by simply changing the interface connection between tester and engine makes the MK system an ideal MRO solution.

The MK system tests the electrical harnesses on the engine, and then performs function testing of the relays, solenoids, sensors and igniters. All test and result data is then logged and delivered as a report which can be delivered as proof of test to the final customer.

Each test system is used to test the following range of engines at LHT:
CF6-50 ; CF6-80C2 ; CF34 ; CJ610 ; CF700 ; CFM 56-2 to –7 ; TFE731 ; Trent 500 ; RB211-535E4 ; JT8D ; JT9D ; JT15D ; PW4000 ; PW100 ; V2500.

System Specification

4 wire Measurement continuity measurement up to 1000mA
1500V DC High voltage insulation Test capability
1000V AC Hi-Pot test capability
Full Function Test Capability and stimulus delivery to active components (EEM)
28V DC and 115V AC internal stimulus supplies
Heavy Duty Mobile cabinets
Full interface cabling assembly.