Special Projects Division

Testing needs to be an integral part of your production process. Our special projects team ensure that test jigs, fixtures and adaptor cables are designed to fit your processes, your product, and maximise your efficiencies.

The MK team ensures that Automatic testing is an enabler, by eliminating production bottlenecks. MK Test often works with customers to integrate testing into production line features. A fast, efficient testing regime is of limited value, if setting up the test takes longer than it needs to.

To ensure that the whole testing process is as streamlined as possible, MK Test regularly assists customers in creating special test jigs, custom housings or production line support items such as overhead arms.

In addition, the special projects team can offer software support to assist with data importing, or exporting; and to help develop custom interfaces that make for more efficient data transfer from testing equipment, to reporting systems. We are all about making your production as efficient as possible, giving you the absolute assurance that everything you dispatch to your customers meets specification.

Want to ensure your production line maximises the efficiencies that MK Test can promise? Contact our special projects team now to discuss your requirements.

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