Portable Bond Test Systems

Computer controlled, portable, robust and designed for use on the shop floor. These portable bond test systems assess Electrical Earth Bonding circuits, Structural earth bonding, and ground bonding Loops.

In modern aircraft the requirement for a secure and guaranteed integrated grounding circuit is more important than ever.

An ineffective ground circuit can result from incorrect assembly or a material defect at manufacture, and degradation of material and joints through the lifetime of the aircraft.

An effective ground circuit is essential in protecting the aircraft from the damaging effects of ; stray currents caused by faulty systems, lightning strike that can cause massive currents to pass from the aircraft fuselage to systems and wiring, and HIRF High Intensity Radiated Fields that can cause voltage transients and malfunction of aircraft systems.

In each aircraft there are thousands of bonding points and ground circuits, all need to be tested to ensure a low resistance path.

MK’s BLRT test systems offer Bond Test, Loop Test , and Joint Test capability.

With integrated computer and test management software, the full test process is automated. Download the test requirement. Guide the operator through the test. Alert the operator of the test status, pass or fail. Allow retest if necessary. Automatically log all test results against aircraft, user, serial number, guaranteeing traceability.

MK’s BLTU offers Bond and Loop test capability.

MK’s BLRT offers Bond, Loop and Joint test capability.

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Application Overview

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BLRT Brochure
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Model Summary & Datasheets

Model-BLTU Auto Bond & Loop

Model-BLTU Auto Bond & Loop

Combined Ground Bond and Ground Loop Tester
Computer Controlled, Intuitive MK software
Automatic download of test requirement
Step by Step graphical operator instruction
Automatic upload of test results
Hot Swap dual battery port – enables continuous testing
Active test probes with LED status indication
Compact and lightweight for single person operation
Wide range of Bond Probes and Loop Clamps

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Model-BLRT Auto Bond, Loop & Joint

Model-BLRT Auto Bond, Loop & Joint

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