Test Applications

MK products perform electrical inspections of high specification from electrical wiring harnesses, backplanes, electrical management cabinets and associated systems; to complete air and ground vehicles.

At the forefront of global technical developments of ATE, MK Test Systems offer the full range of Automatic Electrical Test Applications. From continuity, shorts, resistance, high voltage insulation, hi-pot, capacitance, inductance, impedance, to full function testing of active components within the electrical or electro-mechanical assembly.

Configured from standard modules to suit your specific requirements, the MK system offers you the optimum. Quality, accuracy and reliability is guaranteed when using MK’s test systems. MK Test equipment includes a broad variety of testing from continuity and voltage drop, to leakage and grounding or earthing. Our automated testing is qualified to examine wiring harnesses to aircraft in final assembly, to be tested for electrical integrity before delivery to their end user. We cover a wide range of industries, from defence and aerospace, to transport and energy exploration. We are looking constantly to broaden our horizons and appeal to more customers by expanding our industries.

Our sector-leading software makes it easy for you to integrate MK Test systems with your own test development and reporting systems. Our built-in consultancy service ensures your testing is efficiently amalgamated into your production line processes, improving your efficiency so that testing improves your output.

If you are wondering how MK Test could help test, check and improve your production process and product quality assurance, call us now.

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