Test management software – our top 10 MKAT features

Close up of someone typing on a computer keyboard. The image is overlaid with transparent flowchart to represent data systems or data organisation.

MKAT is our powerful third generation test management software.  Customers love the functionality of Gen3, so here’s a list of our top 10 MKAT features. 1. Separate software for creating and running tests We’ve split the Runner and Editor into 2 separate software packages. The Runner is designed for operators – it’s optimised for touch…

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How automatic testing gets rail OEMs on the right track

A train line is shown at sunset. A train rushes past in a blue. The sky is blue, orange, yellow, pink and purple. There are several overhead cables.

INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT: HOW AUTOMATIC TESTING GETS RAIL OEMS ON THE RIGHT TRACK For the last 5 years operators have challenged rail OEMs to speed up the replacement of ageing trains and trams in an effort to improve reliability, reduce running costs and cut CO2 emissions. The rail OEMs that have been able to increase production…

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Fast testing helps Itel keep pace with production of wire harnesses

Itel case study

Fast testing helps Itel keep pace with production of wire harnesses Itel Electronics have been designing and manufacturing high performance cable and wire harnesses since 1991. Their customers are primarily in the aerospace, space and defence sectors where reliable quality is crucial. THE INEFFICIENCY OF MANUAL TESTING Keeping pace with the required production output whilst…

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Pandect select MK Test for ‘repeatability’ of slip ring test program

Case studies - Pandect

PANDECT SELECT MK TEST FOR ‘REPEATABILITY’ OF SLIP RING TESTing Pandect are one the UK’s leading slip ring design and manufacturing companies, and has been in the business for over 70 years. Having pioneered many leading slip ring designs, they are amongst the world’s best. Winning a contract for a large quantity of slip rings…

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Benefits of a modular wire harness test system

Modular wire harness test system

This article explains the benefits of a modular wire harness test system for harness shops and wire harness manufacturers.  It also explains how our RTS ® (Real Time Scanning) test system is a modular solution which improves test speed through its many features. Going small to see big improvements As wire harnesses become more complex, advanced…

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Electrical testing standards for automotive manufacturing

Electrical testing standards for automotive widget

Electrical testing requirements for automotive manufacturing are becoming more complex.  This is driven by several factors, including the growing demand for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving technologies, the shift toward electrification of vehicles, and the increasing use of software and electronics in automotive systems.  As a result, the electrical testing requirements for…

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How to control MKAT Runner software using a remote device

An operator is standing up a desk in a factory typing on a keyboard whilst he looks at a computer monitor

The MKAT ® Runner software can be controlled with a remote device on the same network, via a web browser.  This quick guide shows you how to achieve this in just a few steps.  Article written by Chris de Vere Moss, Software Test Engineer at MK Test Systems. How to control MKAT Runner software using…

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MKAT software FAQs

Widget MKAT software FAQs

  Most of the questions we’re asked are about our MKAT, our test management software.  To help answer these common questions more quickly, we’ve compiled this MKAT software FAQs article. What are the default logins? MKAT Editor software does not require a login.  For the Runner software, systems are set up with 3 default logins. …

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What is the APG in MK Test’s MKAT software?

View over a person in businesswear looking at a computer monitor. The computer monitor is showing the APG configuration screen within MKAT test management software.

APG stands for Automatic Program Generation.  It’s an acronym you’ll hear throughout your MKAT training and is at the heart of our MKAT software.  This article – written by MK Test’s Sales Director Jason Evans – explains how APG works and what it does. What is APG? In short, APG is the simplest method of…

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How to choose a test system specification

Inside the MK Test Systems manufacturing facility. Several Automeg test systems are shown in various stages of being built.

We offer an extensive range of test system specification models for Automeg, so it has the modular flexibility to suit your exact requirements.  When it comes to selecting an electrical test system – whether it’s for wire harnesses or other applications – the range of options can be daunting.  This article has been written to…

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