About Us


MK Test was first established in 1991 by two driven entrepreneurs with a revolutionary idea to enhance the quality of high-voltage testers.

The company’s first product was a great success, and was soon adopted by a growing number of customers, predominantly those in the aerospace industry where ground-breaking equipment was rapidly appreciated for the value it could add. The business started to grow internationally, and today serves a customer base spread around the world. Success also meant a move to a larger premises more suited to the growing workforce and manufacturing volume.

In 2014 MK Test attracted a significant investment from Synova, a partner that is realising the potential of MK Test and allowing the company to develop and grow significantly, in line with our ambitions and the demands of our customer base.

Our company prides itself on experience. Some of our employees have been at MK Test for over 15 years. We have a very versatile, welcoming team that is made up of experienced staff members with various different backgrounds, such as: internships, placements and University graduates.


From its UK base, MK Test serves the world. Our testing equipment is used in manufacturing facilities around the globe. The company has a growing base of business across the USA, and is expanding its customer base in Russia, India and China. We are used to delivering equipment that will work out of the box in any environment, with your testing equipment tailored to suit local electrical supplies and connections. MK Test supports customers globally, working via a network of local partners and representatives, who are fully trained application specialists able to deliver technical support, undertake installation and commissioning, and carry out training and after sales support in local languages.

They are supported by key team members from the UK Head office, who are readily available to support you by visiting sites when needed. As always, in these time-sensitive industries, we provide rapid, effective support across the globe.