MK Test History

Our History

MK Test was established in 1991, driven by two business partners with an idea, and a request from their launch clients Rolls-Royce and Raytheon for a better high voltage tester.

The company’s first product was a great success, and was soon adopted by a growing number of customers, particularly those in the aerospace industry where innovative testing equipment was rapidly appreciated for the value it could add. The business started to grow internationally, and today serves a customer base spread around the world. Success also meant a move from the initial premises into a larger premises more suited to the growing workforce and manufacturing volume.

MK Test has continued to grow and build a reputation for delivering not just electrical testing equipment, but a consultancy service that helps customers build efficient testing processes into their production lines, saving time and money while improving reliability. Innovation has been key, too, with MK Test’s industry leading position being maintained through constant evolution of its smart software.

Mike has continued to lead and guide the development of the business, and over the years has received many offers to buy out or take over MK Test. In 2014 MK Test attracted a significant investment from Synova, a partner that is realising the potential of MK Test and allowing the company to develop and grow significantly, in line with our ambitions and the demands of our customer base.


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