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About us and our Values

At MK Test, our business is helping your business deliver consistently reliable electrical components and equipment.

But more than just testing equipment to ensure your output is tested and delivered to specification, we work with every customer to ensure your processes are made as efficient as possible, with testing embedded in your production. We continually innovate to ensure our equipment is the most efficient and easy to use in the market, and provide lifelong support to every customer, so that you can rely on MK Test being a key part of your future growth.


Whether at the leading edge of development, or producing established products, you can rely on MK Test systems to ensure your electrical systems are 100% tested every time.

MK Test was born out of a demand from its launch customers to develop a new testing product for them. That innovative core remains at the heart of a business that aims to consistently lead its sector, working closely with customers to help them improve efficiency and working processes, to deliver products that are right first time. We are always looking to improve, making testing faster and more robust, and are extending from our core aerospace roots into new sectors and industries, from energy exploration to transport and infrastructure, and renewable energy.


We know testing, and we are happy to share our experience with you, to help integrate testing procedures into your production processes. Often, we can cut significant production time and generate measurable economies by working in partnership at this level with you.


Our systems are built strong, robust and reliable, able to cope with the “real world” OEM manufacturing shop floor, and MRO Maintenance hangar environments.

Our software and modular construction are designed to meet your specifications, ensuring maximum efficiency by, for example, creating a simple interface between your testing programme and your reporting regime. The use of components off the shelf (COTS) ensures reliability and durability; software that has been developed over many years provides the opportunity for tailoring to suit your precise needs, while retaining the core of a reliable, easy to use system that requires no specialist programming expertise.


MK Test systems have been implemented on many of the worlds most advanced aircraft and defence projects. Our customer and project approvals include Airbus, Boeing, GE, Thales, BAe Systems, Zodiac, Rolls Royce, Lockheed Martin, Bombardier, Snecma, and very many more.

MK have been awarded Master Supplier status by the Airbus group, and have been selected as a Strategic Supply partner by Bombardier Transportation.

When it really needs to deliver, you can rely on MK test equipment, every time. Product tested using MK systems will deliver reliably, time after time. Approval, accreditation, and continued re-selection by leaders within our industry sectors are your proof.

MK Test has grown its business with customers for whom failure is not an option. Thousands of aircraft stay in the sky, reliably, thanks to their components and final assembly having been tested by MK Test equipment over the last 20 years and more. The core of the MK Test testing equipment is a series of components off the shelf. This ensures easy unit replacement, in the rare event of unit failure, and simplifies upgrades.

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A significant percentage of MK’s income is re-invested in Research and Development, and the ongoing desire to improve our product range. We have an exciting programme of New Product releases over the next 24 months, watch this space for further updates.

We combine innovation and development with established, reliable components and measurement modules to deliver your test solutions. Cutting edge automatic test systems driven by our intuitive test management software.

Innovation is at the core of everything MK Test does. Our business is about consistently making improvements for our customers, ensuring your testing procedures can be carried out faster and more efficiently. Improvements are built on a base of reliable components and software that ensure reliability.

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