Power & Control

Connectors , Circuit Breakers, Contractors, Power management and control boards are all tested and certified using MK test systems and processes.

“We combine our range of off-the-shelf test modules with our powerful test management software, which has a simple, intuitive and code-free, user interface.”

Testing and checking the performance of power lines, cables and connectors, and essential switching equipment is a vital part of the production process, and needs to be carried out at several stages to minimise the chance for production errors to creep in.

MK Test works with a growing number of manufacturers and subcontractors across the power, transportation and defence industrires; with new customers coming on board as production lines are streamlined and final assembly customers demand ever higher performance specifications.

For anyone working on:

  • Wiring harnesses or looms
  • Electrical assemblies and connectors
  • Switching equipment
  • Complex wired buildings>
  • Renewable energy installations including solar power and wind energy generation

and many more applications, MK Test can deliver a testing solution that embeds efficiency within the production process.

Power & Control Applications

Our clients include