From robotics to power supplies, a wide range of OEM manufacturers and integrators use MK test systems to test looms, harnesses, and electrical management and distribution systems.

Wherever electrical circuits are being manufactured, or reliable elecrical connections are needed, MK Test is ready to help. For more than 20 years, MK Test has been supporting industries around the world, helping to check the integrity and performance of wiring systems for power transmission, controls, and communications, in an ever wider variety of products.

We work with subcontractors making components such as connectors, switching and instrument panels, wiring looms and wiring harnesses, up to major manufacturers assembling aircraft and trains.

For the future, MK Test will be growing its influence in new emerging markets such as wind farms and renewables, and complex wired buildings as the “internet of things” becomes a reality in offices, shops, warehouses and smart homes.

Industrial Applications

Our clients include