Our equipment is widely used in the aerospace industry for testing harnesses, distribution cabinets, equipped aircraft sections, wings, fuselage and complete aircraft on the FAL.

The complexity of modern aircraft means they are highly expensive to produce, and need to be right first time. Safety is a paramount consideration in design, manufacture and final production.

With wiring used to control every aspect of the aircraft’s performance, and all the vehicle’s internal features, the integrity of each connection is vital.

MK Test has, over more than 20 years, built itself an unrivalled reputation for helping aircraft manufacturers and aircraft component makers, enabling them to efficiently test their output – providing proof that components such as wings and tail sections will perform to specification, before they are sent for final assembly. And, at final assembly, the completed aircraft can once again be tested to ensure it is safe in every aspect – from controlling wing surfaces, to resisting a lightning strike.

Aerospace Applications

Our clients include